These Vacuum Accumulator Tanks are an excellent add - on to our vacuum pumps. The tank retains and pressurizes vacuum in much the same way an air compressor compresses air. A much greater initial 'blast' of vacuum basically sucks the warp right out of the material. For those conditions where thin coolant leakage can be a problem the unit can be configured with a 3 stage coolant filter (right) to keep the moisture out of the pump.

Tank with claw pump and coolant filter

Capacity Description P/N
30 Gal 30 Gal Horizontal Tank w/Top Plate 1269
60 Gal 60 Gal Horizontal Tank w/Top Plate 1270
80 Gal 80 Gal Horizontal Tank w/Top Plate 1271
120 Gal 120 Gal Horizontal Tank w/Top Plate 1272
240 Gal 240 Gal horizontal Tank w/Top Plate 1273




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